What is CEDAR?

CEDAR brings sales and marketing closer together.  These teams are used to working in silos of data, from Marketing Automation tools, CRM Tools, Lead Nurturing, and the dreaded spreadsheets.  CEDAR unites those silos and gives sales and marketing teams the tools they need to work together better.

CEDAR allows users to track, follow and report on leads by pulling data from various systems and unifying it in one environment. CEDAR provides sales and marketing users as well as management teams a holistic view of the sales processes. Utilizing Touch Tracking, every step of the lead management process from lead to close is shared, synchronized, and updated in real time. This ability to take a comprehensive view makes it easy for your team to effectively plan their daily and long-term strategy and for the team, as a whole, to view strategic successes and areas of potential growth.

As this tool works with the marketing automation of your choice, CEDAR is the solution to cleansing your data and filling in the gaps in communication in your current record management solution. CEDAR’s built-in data cleansing and validation will run behind the scenes to make your data functional for Sales and Marketing teams in the day to day processes.

With a simple, user friendly interface, implementing CEDAR to your day to day sales and marketing management processes is seamless. As a tool for your sales and marketing team to be able to track, follow and report on leads, there is no better system integration platform available.