Data Cleaning

Good data is a key component of every successful enterprise. CEDAR has a series of built-in cleaning rules which ensure that your data is always as accurate as possible. With clean, unified data, you can be confident that personalized marketing messages and custom reports as well as marketing and sales lists are accurate, which will help your team convert more Leads into Customers.

Duplicate Prevention

With CEDAR, you can create additional lead records within an existing account without needing to create a duplicate customer. Using multiple logic profiles, standardization dictionaries, and variable matching algorithms, CEDAR notifies the user of potential duplicate creation during data entry. When a duplication is detected, the user is presented with the option to choose the appropriate existing account or contact before saving the record.

Data Deduplication

CEDAR is constantly checking behind the scenes for duplicate data from all sources. This includes data entered directly into CEDAR, as well as file imports and all data synchronized from the systems connected to CEDAR. Once the duplications have been identified, you can quickly and easily review the merge recommendations and submit the merge record batch for processing.

Data Synchronization

As a web-based platform, CEDAR connects “best in class” solution environments where disparate data exists, allowing for increased visibility, list generation, robust analysis and tracking of suspect to close activity. CEDAR’s seamless integration with NetSuite, SalesForce, Pardot and HubSpot allows companies to tighten their processes by building a unified view of enterprise-wide activities.

Geographical Mapping

CEDAR offers the ability to locate existing and potential customers using live mapping technology. Whether on the road or in the office, Geographical Mapping can be used to make the most efficient use of any sales trip. With CEDAR, sales and marketing teams can generate lists by selecting particular areas on a map and using additional filters to streamline results.

Persistent Alerts

CEDAR automatically alerts your sales team based on conditions set by you. Parameters can be set to notify sales and management teams via email of neglected leads, new qualified leads or expired opportunities. Automatic notifications will prevent leads from being overlooked or opportunities being missed. Alerts increase lead awareness allowing for faster connections with leads and resulting in higher conversion rates.

Territory Management

While many companies face complicated territory plans for their sales reps, CEDAR can be used to streamline territory management to remove any confusion. The territory management tool can be fluid with changes in territory assignment and is flexible enough to be customized to fit your needs, rather than forcing you to utilize multiple lead distribution systems.

Campaign Analysis

CEDAR dashboards gives your sales, marketing and management teams increased insight into your sales and marketing campaigns. The ability to track and report on leads, campaigns, activities, and more means you can easily determine which strategies are working, so your team can spend their time using successful tactics pursuing qualified leads.

Touch Tracking

Management and users can view interactions in real-time, eliminating the need for self-reporting on all communications with contacts. This can eliminate over-communication problems that can often drive away a lead and allows the team to follow all sales and marketing activity in order to accurately plan future communications.

Lead Flow Management

CEDAR Lead Flow Management gives you the flexibility to manage how leads are assigned, setting lead status and/or stage as well as managing sales and marketing notification to ensure that leads are processed efficiently. This makes it simple and fast to distribute distinct information to sales teams based on product or territory, and to identify and track leads based on specified markers.

Revenue Plotting

Lead Mapping and Revenue Plotting is an intuitive way that users can geographically locate customers and identify revenue ranges within an area. Use this information to determine your long-term plans, like where to hold your next sales event, identify new markets for expansion, assist with sales and marketing planning or you can simply monitor your results and predict industry trends for future successes.

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CEDAR acts in tandem, serving as middleware, with your existing marketing automation and CRM software including HubSpot, Pardot, NetSuite and Salesforce. The ability to use CEDAR alongside your current sales and marketing systems means you and your team gain more visibility into your sales and marketing processes, allowing your team to better monitor and track leads and results. This helps eliminate the challenges of delivering Forecast data in a timely manner.