CEDAR is a web-based platform which connects “best in class” solution environments where disparate data exists, allowing for increased visibility, list generation, robust analysis and tracking of suspect to close activity. CEDAR’s seamless integration with NetSuite, SalesForce, Pardot and Hubspot allows companies to tighten their sales and marketing processes by building a unified view of enterprise-wide activities.

CEDAR allows you to see where you are successful, and that visibility helps you make better decisions with your marketing spending. If you’re working with Vendors and importing leads, managing content marketing leads, social selling strategies, or bogged down in trade show attendee spreadsheets, CEDAR can help you define a winning lead management strategy.

Using CEDAR, your team can:

  • View successes and identify areas for improvement of your sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Share real-time data on leads and filter and audit customer data to ensure lead information is clean.
  • Provide users and management an overarching view of strategies, successes, and weaknesses.
  • Experience increased visibility with reports that best assist your sales and marketing team’s unique needs.
  • Streamline the sales process in order to focus on more qualified leads and result in higher close rates.